Most efficient way to acquire resources without paying for them

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I have built a strong team of players inexpensively ,spending a few dollars and watching vids....i beat walkoff regularly but not DTI yet......i need to stockpile blue xp,cash and gold and soon prime xp but finding it very time intensive to watch vids and play every competition.....any ideas on the most efficient ways to build resource stockpiles,,,,thanks


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    Gold or higher classic woh yields a ton cash and xp....and is absolutely cake.  Solo cvc rewards are great with gold or higher clubs. 
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  • McSteezy69McSteezy69 Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    Cycling WOH and finding empty gold, platinum or diamond clubs and capitalizing on CVC rewards. 
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    Blue XP and cash are best from walk-off, and if you are working through a division (like I just did from platinum 1-6) bonus games will give you those as well. 

    Gold however is harder to stockpile cheaply if you are staying put in a division. I’m sure you know the free ways (offers, videos, tier 6 club rewards, etc.). It’s one reason I love to get to diamond when I feel like my team is ready. In platinum it averages roughly 250 division games per division (last 4 are around 225, 250, 275, and platinum 6 is 300 wins). And the gold is awesome for those amounts of wins. 
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