Optimal Strategy for WOH?

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When optimizing my lineup for WOH, what is the ideal mix of BAT/PWR (presuming SPD is irrelevant)?  Example - assuming no skill bonuses, if I have Hunter Renfroe at 182/210/169 (190 overall) and Martinez at 195/182/75 (173 overall), should I go with Martinez purely based upon his BAT advantage (195 vs 182) or go with Renfroe because he has a higher combined BAT/PWR total (392 vs 377)?


  • McSteezy69McSteezy69 Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    @SandlotGuru I always try to go for batters with higher hit rating. You don’t always have to drive the ball far and go for homeruns. I’ve found that rallying all those little singles and doubles help out the most in the last couple levels of tiers 4 and 5. I’m sure a lot of people have different opinions though. Great question! 
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    It’s more the pitcher matchup. Make sure you are using a righty vs a lefty etc. Also investing in switch hitters is a good deal when you don’t k ow what the pitcher is then this covers you either way.
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    X2 on investing in switch hitters!
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    Hit is the most important, but power should be a factor too. Don't forget to factor in skills. In your example, Renfroe should he better than Jdm because of his vs lhp skill. I also like to use guys with the platoon advantage ( righty bat vs' lefty pitcher) whenever it's reasonable.
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    I use power against soft pitchers i.e Lester, Miley, manae, buchter etc.  Hit rating vs the harder throwers
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