Leveling up is Taking Away 3/5 of the game

ORBBIRDSORBBIRDS Registered Users, Member 112 Posts
We were sort of hinted that leveling up would be the best path forward, but it has taken away 3/5 of the game for me.
I am an 88k VIP Team, and I cannot now play the following games:
1. CVC - 3-4 levels ago, I was hitting 516 foot moon shots....not my 240 hitters hit ground balls to the pitcher - vs the SAME 41 level Pitcher?
- Slugfest asjusted last season so that is impossible to get past round 1 without a high gold or platinim FULL Slugfest squad.
- Season games - I am in season 5, and I am facing 280-315 pitchers, I cannot even get my pitchers this high...I am 6-28 this season???

I truly hope you consider re-calibrating the game, so that the 3/5 of the game I also enjoy becomes playable and potentially winnable again!

My best intentions,
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