Inactives not full

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My inactives is showing as 54/65, but when I get a new player, it is deleting someone to make room for them. I've lost a number of players before I finally figured this out. Please advise


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    Generally attrition is based on who’s replaceable at the bottom.
    Of Course pad lock anyone important! (Not when swapping batters or pitchers).

    I have a 2nd round 2-star as a placeholder. Trade so-so non keeper for their EXP points.
    Really tough decision at times to toss someone well rounded (switch hitter with speed) over say an Event team bonus addition, but always make a habit of checking Team Trade-In before drafting or opening boxes. If your placeholder drops then you are at the max (MLB is limited to a 40 man roster).
    [Players are constantly sent “down” to the Minors as a manager’s shuffling to keep a full bench].
    ~ Andrew
    TSB19 - SF bay Area
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