Max Scherzer POTM

tocopan18tocopan18 Registered Users, Member 803 Posts
did anyone notice GLU screwing around today with him (and us)? 
This morning when the event started he was not included in the list of bonus players, even though he was listed in the top part along with the other Scherzer from yesterday’s box. If u had them both, u get an extra bonus for each of them. Still, the POTM version was not listed below as a normal bonus player (x points per K or something).

Then a few minutes ago i checked the list again and there he was, 10k points per K. Awesome (i have him, of course). So they added him to the bonus list later in the day and i had not noticed until now. Ok, not the end of the world.

now i checked and he is GONE again!!!
what the f....?

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