Roster advice/suggestions (primarily WOH) focus

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Silver player looking for some roster advice /suggestions. I tend to get a few of the bigger bonus guys on weekends, occasionally a prime, but looking to really put a good WOH lineup out there. Need advice at 2B and or any thoughts.  I got prime D’Arnaud, Olson, Vlad at 3rd , Crawford, , Acuna ,Meadows, Benintendi, and Votto at DH. Bench is Son of a Vlad, Prime Contreras, and going to fill in a guy once Goldy potw goes down.

At 2nd I got All Star Moustakas, I could put in Gennett, Cesar, or Peraza.  I also have Dejong, Mccann, Santana , Sanchez Jorge Polanco,  Alberto Mondesi,  Hoskins,  Senzel,  Mercado,  Suarez, Marte, on my inactives.


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    Pictures would help us sort it out for you easier, but from what I think the players skills and max are you shouldn’t have a problem beating walk off
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    Would def be a lot better if we had pictures of your roster.  
    First, congrats on not being the 1st person to ask this question.
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    Agreed. I completely ignored your post because I just saw a million names and had no idea what's going on.
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    Main idea to maximize your WOH lineup is have players with stackable skills that will be active most (if not all) of the time, and also have a balance of lefty/righty hitters so you can take advantage of pitching matchups.
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    What do you mean by “stackable skills”? @CalYente
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    By stackable skills, he means both skills will be active concurrently. 
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    Such as double LHP, or double Late, or combos like LHP and Late, RHP and WOH, etc.
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    U should beat it easily 
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    Take a pic of your lineup or post the overall total and hit power numbers
    what u posted doesn’t help like at all
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