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I don’t know how everyone else feels about the ratio of rewards to upgrades values but I believe they are way out of line! I know I mentioned this before but I believe it was in the wrong category. In looking at one example a player that is prime would cost a small fortune for a person to upgrade. I’ve looked into it and you added the legends and lxp and that was great but what about the little guys?? For those that are just starting out it does them no good to get them because they can’t even upgrade the players they have. I feel like I’ve done pretty well in moving up in levels but let me give you an example of what I’m saying. I recently was fortunate enough to get several of the prime players for the Wednesday/Thursday matches however I couldn’t insert them in my lineup because I didn’t have enough pxp points to upgrade them and keep my team competitive. In looking at the cost, a player could spend over 400 dollars trying to buy gold and open pxp mystery boxes and still not get a single player maxed out. I am suggesting that you please help with this. I’m not asking to make the game free! Just that Glu take a long look at this and help those that are paying the bills. The players!


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    Lxp will become more available just like pxp has become more available. Legends have been out for two days so that means lxp has been available for two whole days. Everyone has the same problem. Patience... it’s a freemium game 😉
    Good luck 👍🏻 
    Edit: And if your still struggling to get  pxp... you need to be able to cycle woh or win cvc matches. 
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    In my experience in CvC and bonus players a b1 is just as good for bonus points as your s10 player.  Just put him in the lineup and see. 

    For bonus games yesterday I put my b1 prime for bonus points in at starter and was getting 2-3 hits with him a game and I am in platinum. Soooo it’s not impossible and if you haven’t read me say it before I have not paid for anything in this game.
    First, congrats on not being the 1st person to ask this question.
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    Thank you all for the advice. It is much appreciated and will be put to good use. I would still like for Glu to restructure the ratios for upgrades. I think it is vital for players to have success and advance and when it becomes too hard they simply stop playing the game. I am not one of those players and will continue to pursue excellence. Again thanks for your wealth of knowledge! It truly is helpful and appreciated. 
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    @bayoubengal I wanted to thank you guys again but I also wanted to give you an update. I haven’t been able to play very much because of prior engagements but I was able to keep in contact with my club. One of our players stuck a bonus b1 player in the lineup to test it and see how they performed. My teammate is a vip with a strong team. His player went 2 for 22. Last time I was able to check in the bonus guys was still batting below 200. I don’t know if we are doing something wrong but not being able to upgrade our players is seriously killing us. That’s the main reason for my complaint about ratios. 
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    My post above was before this weekends box came out. I couldn’t agree with you more now
    @Justbowhunt lxp pxp ratios are waaaaay off in this box. I’ve been playing since 17 and never witnessed this crap that’s going down ever.  If they don’t fix it  by next weekend I’m out and will take me money elsewhere. They have caused quite a boycott this weekend scores are low and lots and lots of teams not playing...I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed quite a uproar throughout the game like this. Better wake up glu ⏰ 
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    I’m barely playing in my solo club and am 11th in my bracket with 11m.  NO ONE IS BUYING OR PLAYING relative to normal rates.  
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    My holder team will benefit....I still jump in and out to go to discount clubs and drop points now and again at home club.  Personally I thought the bxp box had some interesting players and should overlook the max 350 since speed is cut to accommodate higher totals for the money attributes.  Miller RP will make most teams and the catcher is the best bxp catcher to date (better than my Mets Ramos just leveled).  Everyone wants more and more but ostensibly the game is scaled to the level of progression in the players.  New high end max totals and keeper values SHOULD see an increase in the low end max ratings.....when they do you can be assured the game difficulty RNG values will be adjusted accordingly meaning for every “victory” of increased player max values, is actually nothing more than an indicator that the game is about to get harder and the so called increases only allow us to hold the same place on the ladder we were before the boost.  
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