Legend xp

wewentblueswewentblues 4 PostsRegistered Users, Member
now that legends are in the game again, I think that legend xp should be given in rewards and video achievements like prime xp. Right now, it is impossible to get legend xp without buying the worthless 300 gold boxes to chance getting maybe 900. Another suggestion would be to make mega legend xp boxes just like the prime ones.


  • mythicaldragonmythicaldragon 976 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    They will make it more obtainable eventually.
    They gotta grab as much $ as they can until then. 
  • bayoubengalbayoubengal 981 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    edited August 2019
    Geez they just came out with legends and now wanting them to give the mega lxp.

    People say it was getting old and I agree with no upgrades to pxp players but come on. You really can’t expect to max the legends the first day 
    First, congrats on not being the 1st person to ask this question.
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