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    I'm sure @JEDDDOGGY knows what he's talking about on this stuff, but I think the theory @Cooz19 gave is pretty plausible.  It wouldn't be technically difficult to implement, but they and/or MLB maybe don't want to take away the one and only way that lower level MLB players are getting any face time on this game.  
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    JEDDDOGGY said:
    DFBB said:
    @dustyhunks I'm not an IT guy either, but a 'simple' trade all feature for the current version would be anything but simple. 

    Assuming they use any one of the contemporary development toolkits that are available nowadays, this would entail adding a button to that view and the callback function to apply the XP to the players account. My estimate is 2 hours of application development time plus another 2 hours for a designer to create whatever "success" message that would be displayed.

    **source: I am a senior-level web & application developer with 16 years experience**

    LOL @DFBB I'm not trying to be snooty, but this definitely isn't some sort of mid-to-large project to add a button and the logic to apply the XP to the player's account in the click event handler. They can do this if they want to. However, in software development, things don't just go to the front of the queue because they are easy. They go to the front of the queue if they are important. I'm guessing that despite how easy this might be, it's been buried somewhere deep in the backlog because it just isn't something they see as a priority of any kind whatsoever.

    Just for giggles, let's take a look at the whole lineup management process. So we have these daily events and we have these players with skills that sometimes only apply to these events so the logic would follow that maybe there be some sort of lineup swap of players for each event. Great! Let's do that. Let me tap that info icon and swap out this player...and maybe the player(s) listed is last that filled the roster slot no, no....that's not it, well maybe the first available is highest rated/leveled NO, that's not it so maybe, maybe it's by position or alphabetical order or some other logical construct that humans can underst...NO, no's not that dummy so the app has to crash, SORRY. We're gonna have to restart and...sorry, what was that we were trying to accomplish again?

    Yeah, just a button. Just put that button here and ish will work would you like a mountain YES NO........................................................transaction canceled.......
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    Frankly, unless you're privy to the contract signed between Glu and THE MLBPA, I don't understand the logic of "I didn't see any indication of it." All due respect, they have no reason to speak of those sorts of details to players. 

    They created a tedious, server-taxing process that has to be done in huge volume. Why would they do it that way if it's not to display the players selected? There is never a time in the game where adding a 1-star player to your lineup improves anything. It'd be far easier to just open a random xp generator, unless the license is contingent upon the display of a certain amount of players. 
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    Isn’t one of the goals to keep us online and engaged as much as possible?  How does streamlining assist to that end?
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    Yes, streamlining UI/X does boost user engagement. That’s a rather well-known and undisputable correlation.
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    bigvivec said:
    Isn’t one of the goals to keep us online and engaged as much as possible?  How does streamlining assist to that end?
    Ya know what people do when they get bored with something? They stop doing it, and find something else to do. Conversely, when they're engaged, they tend to remain engaged. Like @JEDDDOGGY said, engagement and forward-moving action are connected to a very strong degree. 
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    I have to disagree with both of you.  Android users are suffering through with lag and there are slot of complaints about this game.  Trading in players isn’t a big one that people really complain about but it takes time.  Having to check in to pick up CvC round awards is annoying but we put up with it.  “Streamlining” or developers redesigning g the game with maximum user efficiency in mind is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to the goals of having us in the game and playing as much as possible.  Yes, they need to (though a lot of issues exist) address bigger issues with gameplay to make sure they don’t lose people, but to make things too efficient in areas that are not “last straws” for most of us is undercutting their mission and just ain’t gonna happen no matter how much of the “customer is always right” misguided consumer logic you try to apply.  
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    Cooz19 said:
    Frankly, unless you're privy to the contract signed between Glu and THE MLBPA, I don't understand the logic of "I didn't see any indication of it." All due respect, they have no reason to speak of those sorts of details to players. 

    Alternatives being considered to the current draft picks would've ignored any 'face time' obligations. Hence, I saw no indication of such a contract. 
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    DFBB said:
    Last weekend, myself and a few others had the privilege of visiting GLU. While we did sign NDAs, there are some things that should be safe to discuss. I'm sure I'll forget things, but here are some things that may be of interest:

    ****Android Lag
    As expected, android is simply more difficult to work with than Ios due to the nature of how each OS operates. Obviously, it's disappointing, but it doesn't appear that a 'fix' is in store anytime soon. I know they're constantly working on things, but I got the impression that they've already exhausted their options for this year's version. I sure hope I'm wrong and I know an update is in the works so here's hoping!

    I feel like keepers are great as is, but I was the minority voice. Many in the group felt that keepers, relative to their place in the game, weren't worth the the resources required to level them. If I had to guess, I think keepers will get stronger at a faster pace moving forward.

    ML was briefly talked about and I left with the impression that he's not meant to be an end game player. I brought up that ML is 10x of '18's cost at platinum and diamond, but they didn't bat an eye. By that, I mean, they didn't seem surprise which suggests that it was intentional. To that end, I'd be absolutely shocked if he gets a 2nd skill.

    ***Royale Re-Bracket
    This was talked about at length and personally, I was all over this topic. I also brought up specific things that made for an unpleasant experience with Royale. To sum it up, I gave plenty of reasons why the current Royale system needs to change. Time will tell if changes will be made. 

    ***Gold Battles
    Fortunately, this appears to be a thing moving forward. I got the impression that gold battles will happen more frequently and potentially, on a bigger scale. I was a tad passionate on the topic and even compared cash battles to playing scrabble w/o keep score. I also suggested that the draft picks get updated to include the sluggers from the SF events. Once again, here's hoping!

    ***XP shortage
    This was probably the most common complaint. There was plenty of voices on this topic so I didn't get too involved. From my perspective, either the resources or the player needs to be chased. My guess is that things will continue to get more accessible. 

    ***Extra Bases/Royale/Weekends
    They've put EB on hold, but I expect it'll be back soon. There were some bugs that they wanted to get addressed. Royale on the weekend also got mentioned, but I don't think it was well received. I got the impression that while the weekend event will remain unchanged this year, they're always looking to add new things to keep us busy.

    The experience itself was nothing short of amazing. The GLU team really gave us the red carpet treatment and couldn't have been more pleasant. They showered us with gifts in the game and in person! I loved that they're always thinking of the next step. They appeared to really value our opinions on current and potential products. I also got to meet @snowy24 and the rest of the guys were great too. Oh and of course, I got to meet the one and only, blue leopard. Blue was much, much different than I had imagined. He was super chill  and no different than any of us: he's a passionate gamer. A bit of an understatement, but I really enjoyed my time in SF.  :)

    Thanks so much for the update!

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