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    I just got vip a few hours ago, it sent it to me right after I bought field pass (which put me to all star level 10) I've messaged them before but got the usual vague answer of not being able to tell how VIP members are chosen. This is the first time I've posted on any forums or social sites, so I have no idea what the selection process is based on
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    It’s based on money. Period. If it were based on the other items listed then it would take time to review said items and we wouldn’t get VIP instantly.  Your playing time, social media, forums appear to be a way to get you more involved. 
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    I’ve played for 3 years now, I haven’t spent 818$, nowhere close... But I feel certain when I say that I’ve earned them plenty of money, by watching a gazillion billion videos for gold.
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    I should be getting the vip invite soon. Been grinding since the beginning and spending the money. Hopefully they'll reward me for it soon since we only got a handful of months left to play this version.
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    I have/had a vip account but I no longer play it cause it cost too much to level at diamond. Since I have a gold team that I’m at 8290 all star tickets. Or something like that. Is it possible to get vip on the gold team?
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    jamtastic said:
    I have/had a vip account but I no longer play it cause it cost too much to level at diamond. Since I have a gold team that I’m at 8290 all star tickets. Or something like that. Is it possible to get vip on the gold team?
    I deleted my reply.
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    I'm level 10 for the all star and still haven't got vip.  
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    DFBB said:
    To be clear, I do NOT work for Glu. These are things I've observed and experiences that have been shared across the community. If you have things to share, feel free to post. We have a lot of VIP threads and I thought it would be a good idea to have it all in one place. VIP status used to be rather vague, but it's a bit more clear this year. I'll edit this post as needed. If you have any questions, myself and others will do our best to help. Again, keep in mind that this is NOT official. These are things that we, as a community, have observed.

    ***level 10=8,180 tickets which is roughly $818, is accessible only by VIPs. However, 8270 is the magic number for most people ***

    It's my understanding that the free AS tickets acquired from S1 and G1(45 each; 90 total) do NOT count towards VIP status even though it adds to your AS tickets. As a result, it has created a lot of confusion. It's been widely reported that once you pass the $818(8180 paid AS tickets; 8270 tickets total if past g1) spending threshold, you'll be able to collect level 10 rewards and the VIP status that comes with it. Some have received it instantly while others had to contact CS so it doesn't appear to be an exact science.

    Also, people always ask if VIP status can be obtained by 'non spenders.' The short answer is YES! However, it's subjective and as of this writing, the 'easiest' path is through he AS tickets.

    -I just remembered that after the first update of the year, there  was a bug where some received extra AS tickets. While those tickets counted towards the AS levels, they didn't count towards VIP status. Anyways, if that applies to you, just something to keep in mind.

    Thank you. Will have to look into this.
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    I have asked for VIP many times over in the CS contact section in game. I know i can not be at the "required" amount of money spent but i must be close with my two accounts and going back to last year. Consistently log 8 plus hours a day and spend gold like a moron lol. 
    Would love to get it but without me spending that amount i do not have my hopes set too high. Still have some hope though lol

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    Current version spending is the only factor. Nothing done in TSB2018 or hours logged playing TSB19 has any relevance.
  • riblessx5riblessx5 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Finally signed up for the Forums and I was happy I did. 8470 was the magic number. Closed my app and opens it to find I'm VIP!
    I wrote to CS when I reached 10 but they sent me an automated answer where it was useless. Telling me I needed to play more or be in good standings with GLU society. This forum was the answer. Just a purchase of some more gold and I made it. 
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