Which keeper should I max first?



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    Sorry guys newbie here I haven't won the season gold playoffs yet (0-4) very frustrating. So if I replace my subs with 1 star guys I will have a better chance?
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    Replace your subs, 2-5 starters and your first 3 relievers. Use ice packs for your ace and you will do better
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    DFBB said:
    bigvivec said:
    I wonder if we will be able to keep our keepers this year........
    I think we'll have better options.
    Of course we will....just wondered if they would be an option and imagining 3 years down the road when players profiles have a greatest hits of the last 5!years posted.  Might want to roll one over a few times on a holder team for nostalgia.    
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    Well, this was quite a journey.  Onto the next.  Thanks for all the good input fellas!

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    Good stuff @Wicked0Wildcats! The skills though.....lol
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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    DFBB said:
    Good stuff @Wicked0Wildcats! The skills though.....lol
     I have plenty of PXP to move him up, but I've been stockpiling PXP so I can start cycle capping Primes on Wednesday.  Maybe after tomorrow.  

    He handled Verlander in 1 try yesterday even without a second active skill so I'm not feeling too urgent about upgrading his skills quite yet.  
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