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Do any of you guys know or have a good educated guess on how the brackets are selected for each competition? I know that’s a pretty broad spectrum question but I’m just wondering.  Seems like the clubs in the top of my brackets are always loaded with superior strength and there is no way anyone is going to beat them. For example the club Sparta or Rocketjsquirrel were both in my clubs’ bracket this weekend. Of course they finished 1 and 2 I’m sure. What I’m wondering is why they get put in a bracket with newer clubs. It’s been this way since I started playing and seems like it’s not going to change. No complaints, it just means everyone else has to work twice as hard to build their team strength to be able to compete. Just seems a bit unfair that there is no bracketing system to put equal clubs in a bracket together. I think that would maximize participation of club members if they want to win an event. But when they see clubs like the ones I mentioned earlier they simply don’t play. Thoughts??


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    JustbowhuntJustbowhunt Registered Users 83 Posts
    I’ll tell you one thing....if you see those 2 teams in your bracket on more than one occasion in a week, change your bracket. Reset your club.
    We have done that. They are there every time! It just sucks doing the reset and getting everyone back on board also losing the rewards. 
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    JustbowhuntJustbowhunt Registered Users 83 Posts
    We were a top 10 and then for a few weeks in a row couldn’t crack the top 100 so we reset. Still the same results. Thats why I was wondering. 
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    Are you resetting daily?
    Dude...my club reset 3 times this season. The was a mistake.  Last year we reset weekly. Daily was a bitch. Still, our last reset didn't do Jack or Jill.  

    We've not had any top 25 finishes. Sucks, and we're a decent group. 

    Thankfully we're almost back to platinum. 
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    Don't take this the wrong way, but if your club is incapable of cracking the top 100 then your top 10 finish was most likely just in a super cupcake bracket. 
    "It's amazing how much work you can put in without gangly-ass legs in the way" - Sir Tdub71
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    I think our “reset” club did pretty yesterday... @CanadaCubs @retirepujols  
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    sorry for the dumb question how do i reset my club?
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