What's the best way to accumulate Ball Donations?

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I recently moved into a Solo Club for CvC purposes.  My goal is to get that sweet PXP CvC reward in Plat clubs.  I've managed to get my club to Gold 5. I've taken a look at the pinned thread DFBB made, which is extremely helpful in all aspects of this game, I see I need ~328,000 balls to level past G10. I figured I'm about halfway to getting to that mark (~170,000 balls).  I already have the Helmets/Gloves marker reached.  

I have about 750,000 bxp.  I'm intending on leveling some of pitchers to Diamond from P10 as I have a full team of BXP/PXP   D10 batters.
Is the best way to get donation Balls just leveling players AND utilizing EVO hunters in Global/Forum chats?  Also, for you EVO hunters, what's a good incentive for you to jump in and help the club leveling cause?  10k balls for 15 evo? 

Any feedback is much appreciated!


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    When I was building clubs, I'd always global 10-15k balls to level. I did that at every stop from s9 until diamond. It really adds up. 
    I would strongly advise to wait on next week's potm boxes. You get a ton of balls from leveling them and they are a fantastic value.
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    Sounds great!  Good thinking on the POTM guys! Thanks
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    Go on Global and pretend to be a girl and do “dirty talk” PMs for donations.

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