Has anyone else not received the VIP Newsletter subscription rewards ?

MadswagooMadswagoo Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
Numerous tickets to customer service and not one has answered me.


  • xracmanxracman Registered Users, Member 666 Posts
    They told me there were several VIPS that had not gotten newsletter rewards and the developers were working on it.
  • xracmanxracman Registered Users, Member 666 Posts
    CS just told me I made VIP after newsletter rewards went out so I won't get them.  Funny since I think that VIP rewards went out before newsletter rewards and I got them.
  • bobdylan_fanbobdylan_fan Registered Users, Member 303 Posts
    I've been VIP all year long and had multiple issues with receiving the newsletter VIP reward.
    I've had numerous tickets and arguments with CS about it.
    I believe that there is a glitch in their database responsible for tracking the information in the VIP Personal Info tab - which is what makes you eligible for the reward.
    I have had my data filled out and saved properly in that tab from the day they rolled out that feature....yet on random months - I get passed over for the newsletter gift.
    When I enter my tickets - CS claims that my info was not filled out in time for the gift (even tho it was there for months, and it was there the prior month...so whatever....). So clearly they have a glitch in their system.

    The only thing that I can think of - is that maybe somehow reseting the advertising tracker button when videos quit loading - somehow erases the VIP info. It shouldn't. But thats the only thing I can think of....
    So - anyways - since I play daily - one thing I do every day is go into the VIP tab and "resave" my VIP Personal data. I do that everyday....and every time I have to reset the ad tracking thingy.

    Also - this month - to be proactive - a few days before the gift came out - I put in a ticket to have CS ensure that they could see my data and that I was eligible. I figured I would try to head it off at the pass this month. Anyways - they said they could see my data. And I did get the gift this month. 

    Let me know if u have more questions on my year long struggle with this.


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