Glue please make WHO more like Mondays! LEGEND CO and Better odds to an a decent player. MONDAY

25Jackson25Jackson Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
Please  have WHO like Mondays.  10K LEGEND XP and Better idea to get a decent player. A 500 legend on Mondays. SO maybe someone  could get Robin yount. Who isn't  that desireable... With all your issues.  GIVE US A FUN WEEKEND...No a greedy glu weekend.      


  • 25Jackson25Jackson Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    Legend lxp of 10 k
  • Wicked0WildcatsWicked0Wildcats Registered Users, Member 1,040 Posts
    Look, I'm disappointed too but that was never going to happen this weekend.  People would be farming the crap out of LXP this weekend and they were just never going to allow that.  

    Like I said, I'm disappointed too but I just don't know what everyone really expected.  We were all in 99% agreement that there would be a catch.  I will say they should have at least thrown us a guaranteed bone on Level 5 to cycle cap -- nothing fancy or game changing, just some 430 prime OF with double RISP to at least be worth our trouble.  I think the reactions would have been a lot better.  
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