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Question for you diamond guys. How many bonus games do you guys actually play a day? I get that cycling D6 yields a bunch of gold and Evo, realistically how many hrs does it take you guys on average? Does it take 3-4 days to go through 1000 bonus games? I imagine it's a lot faster with field pass. 


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    I look at cycling in chunks. I can do on iOS 100 games in about 20 minutes. There are times throughout my day where I am waiting, either for co-workers or at events/appts. and try to fill up that time with bg's. Only time I don't enjoy bg's is when I lose. Tournaments on the other hand with this UI is most tedious especially during any event/CvC/EB.

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    I like playing some other game modes, so I cycle about 2-3 times per week. Sometimes on Bonus game days, I’ll play about 900-1000 bonus games. On Royale weekends, I’ll play probably about 300 Tournament games and 700 bonus games. That’s not an exact count, but it’s probably the ratio. But I normally run through a cycle on Royale weekend. If it’s a week like this, I’ll normally cycle just twice. Once on bonus day and once either Mon/Tues or during the weekend depending on how many games I had after the last event that had me playing a lot of Bonus Games. 
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    Yesterday since I had Brett I played 734 games but I wasn't super busy, 2nd D6 this week

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    The last two days were bonus days so yeah.... 😬

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    I also get about 100 in 20 on IOS with fp . I am paying the 5k and not playing the tournament games. Seems like I don’t sacrifice too much.
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    I get usually 4+ cycles a week. Since the latest IOS update a couple weeks ago, I can get about 4BG/min. Tourneys a bit less. My phone (iPhone 6S) is like 3.5 years old so I think it’s a bit slower. As the day goes on, my phone gets slower usually where I need to close the app for 10-15 mins to increase response time. I rarely get FP fwiw. 
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    Really ranges.   I'm usually around 4 a week as well.
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