CVC End Game Bug

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Hey Guys, 
Just wanted to inform you that I have been experiencing a consistent bug while playing CVC.
When I finish a Club V Club game and go to exit to play next game, the screen sweeps back and forth across the infield and no options are made available to exit. I must close the app and restart to play the next CVC game. 
It’s nothing terrible and I’m not complaining, because this game mostly runs seamlessly. 

Just wanted to bring this to your attention as this may be an issue for someone trying to finish a CVC match game before the timer runs out. 

I am playing on an iPhone X. 
I enjoy your game and hope this helps. 


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    It’s a real pain been a issue all year tho it mostly happens to me when I’m at work on their WiFi.. has happened at home tho so idk. 
    At least you get to keep points after crashing tho they don’t count towards ur total.. they become “ghost points” that count towards club total. 
    I believe early in the year all points were lost after crashing.
     Hopefully this will get addressed before 20 is released 🤞unfortunately I doubt they will be fixing for 19. 
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    @IFILIETCIH This happened to me several times previously. To stop this from happening, after CvC starts, set your CvC lineup. Then force close and reopen the app before you start playing the CvC. Your issue shouldn’t happen again when you do this. This has worked 100% of the time for me. You just have to remember to do it. 
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    @mythicaldragon those ghost points are acquired by some ghost out there that wins all CVC rewards and is rolling in his grave from how stacked his team is. 
  • IFILIETCIHIFILIETCIH Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    @Horse42 I tried this and it most definitely worked, but the creature of habit that I am will now have to change his routine? This is going to require an additional visit to my therapist weekly, good thing he plays TSB he’ll be happy to know this fix as well. Thanks for the info. 
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    Unfortunately, this has been an issue since '18. I'm totally throwing things out there, but maybe it's ram-related. Although I don't play cvc often on my wife's older iphone, I've had that bug much more often on that phone than on mine. 
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