Colossal legend Box looks nice

97lefty97lefty 5 PostsRegistered Users, Member
When can we expect those
in the game.


  • cooldowncanadacubscooldowncanadacubs 336 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    They’ve been in circulation already both in store and in mystery boxes. The cost is 2k gold for one. I bought 2 last night in store
  • TheFullMonteTheFullMonte 630 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    They had a 19.99 special in the store earlier this week for 2400 gold and 3 of those boxes.

    think that’s a pretty good value 
  • ShoveItUpYoenis2ShoveItUpYoenis2 640 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I bought a couple. The first one sucked (6K, 6K, 18K) but the second package I hit 60K, 60K, 12K
  • drsmartassphddrsmartassphd 1,139 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Feed that beast with moar cash. Nom nom nom 
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