I guess this weekend is a Royale Weekend now

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    See, Faith! hahahhaha
    Mi casa es su casa...except during cvc. 
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    Hopefully, we see players in the tourney box too!
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    Hmmm...is this a ploy to distract us from 20 coming out in Canada? 😂🧐🤔
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    cb11 said:
    Hopefully, we see players in the tourney box too!
    i know someone who lurks these forums that has 1500+ tourney boxes to open :lol:
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    That is good, but I just cashed in all my tournament boxes for bonus games today. Oh well, I’ll just have to earn a bunch more this weekend.

    I’m hoping in 2020, every weekend is Royale. It makes too much sense to do that, which is why I’m afraid it won’t happen.
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    early in the season, it makes business sense to have prime weekends. people aren't d6 cycling on the regular yet so gold, which i imagine has to be one of the main drivers of revenue, is bought in bunches by guys who want to compete. this time of year, makes no sense to not have every weekend be royale IMO. way more fun for all, the clubs dominating prime or a royale are guys with d6 grinders for the most part so at least make the game more fun for all.
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    Oh this will be fun.

    “Stop being a Debbie Downer, grow a sack and go Plat”, MoenPDC

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