Wow, what a day in the land of TSB...

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I have to say today was pretty spicy to say the least. Just a couple thoughts for whatever it's worth and then I'm off to grind out more gold since these player boxes and prime events stink. @DFBB is usually on the money with a lot of his insights, he is fairly unbiased in his opinions. I was actually pleasantly surprised when he participated in that poll I did some weeks back about what is the #1 failure of Glu this year. I figured he would've shied away being a moderator. Hence the reason, possibly, why he could be a moderator. I know that him being a moderator is not in question but him being a moderator I figured Glu gave him permission and access to 2020. Nevertheless it's really none of my business of how or why or when he has access. I'm just glad he does and reports back to us with his unbiased opinions to help players to be a success. He didn't have to. I'm glad that @blueleopard backed him up as well. Tip of my hat to both of you guys, keep up the good work.
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