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I was playing last night and the computer(I guess that’s the name for what controls the other team)picked 4 times in a row. I see them pick once all of the time and every once and a while it’ll pick twice, but I’ve never seen 4 in a row. I actually waited to steal on the 3rd pitch just  in case they pitched out and decided to run after 3 in a row. Well based on my thread, you can guess what happened on the 4th pitch lol. I know you can change setting for your team when it comes to the frequency at which they do certain things, but this was a first for me and I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this? Thanks. 


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    I’ve had as much as 5 pick off attempts in a row. Don’t let that deter you. If your base running upgrade is maxed, you should be successful in over 80%-90% of your stolen base attempts. If you’re playing competitive Match Me games where runs are hard to come by, you should still attempt stolen bases since you’ll have a greater probability of being successful than caught stealing. 
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    Thanks for the reply. Still new to this so every bit of advice def helps. Thanks. 
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    I’m getting your sig pic done as an oil painting for my office

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    @drsmartassphd that’s awesome. It’s def one of the best sports pics I’ve seen in some time. 
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