Who was your MVP for TSB19?

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Now that we are at the end of TSB19, who was the most important player on your team this year? 

For me it was Eddie Mathews (520 max version). I pulled him from the last box I won during a weekend CVC. I was a gold level team at the time, and because he was released early on when they jumped from 490 to 520 max players, I decided to move to diamond with Eddie Mathews as my core player for WOH. I was platinum for 2 weeks before I was able to take him, 2 prime players, and my 2 keepers to d10.

He was the only legend player I had at diamond for my first 3 weeks in diamond. I used him for the last 4 pitchers in WOH. He was the only reason I was able to cycle the Hall of Fame level of WOH during my first month or so at diamond. I was eventually able to build a team full of d10 legends and prime players, but it all started with Eddie Mathews. He was finally replaced by 540 max Chipper Jones, but I kept him as my DH.


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    That would have been my answer too. He was so clutch for so long 

    early in the game, and I mean early, 320 Bellinger was my MVP. One skill for RHP and he put me over the top to get my cycling. Most will remember 340 Monster Meadows as an excellent WOH player for a long time as well. 
  • drsmartassphddrsmartassphd Registered Users, Member 3,133 Posts

    Agreed. When I went gold, I was effing furious in my first weekend of WoH. I had Cecil Cooper, who was dominating Gibby at Silver. All of the sudden, Cooper had his nuts chopped off at gold.

    It was either Criffy or Monte that sent me an email and said to use Matthews, even though he started the round with one dinger off.  Sho nuff, Eddie dominated.  Made no sense, but whatever.

    My non-player MVP list is DFBB, BigPred, Criffy, FullMonte, MythicalDragon, both Matts, CooldownCubs, Moen, LaFrance, EprospectPhills, LovingCurves, etc. I know I'm missing a bunch, but you guys made my one year of participation in this a blast.  Much appreciated!!

    Yes, we are aware of the game having crashing issues in the middle of WoH, but we can't compensate you for the gold you lost at this time. This is done on a case by case basis. - TSB Customer Service

  • ToughthundercatsToughthundercats Registered Users, Member 1,959 Posts
    Mine would be 490 Edmonds he awesome for so long. Then it would be 540 Griffey which I still use him for the lower to mid rounds in WoH. Still getting it done.
  • cooldowncanadacubscooldowncanadacubs Registered Users, Member 643 Posts
    2 players come to mind this season from my roster;

    1- 340 bxp Byron Buxton dual skilled. This guy stayed on my roster for the longest time. 

    2- 520 JT Snow (rhp and blowout). I absolutely love this guy. Complete beast at the time. 
  • fatDaddyfatDaddy Registered Users, Member 318 Posts
    Monster Bell from back in May was my WoH All Star for the longest time. Sad times when he finally had to go. 
  • TheFullMonteTheFullMonte Registered Users, Member 1,589 Posts
    I didn’t start playing until mid-July, so mine look a lot different than most.

    520 Boog and ATG Ted Williams were the game changers for me.

    Boog was my closer the very first time I ever beat HOF.  Then at the incredibly strong urging of @Bizerto I leveled Ted....who was an absolute Monster vs Gibson for a long long time and was the closer when I actually was able to start “cycling.”
  • matt_sackettmatt_sackett Registered Users, Member 1,540 Posts
    Brett was a game changer for me.  I said out loud I was going to get him.  Got him and it was awesome since.  Ive subsequently pulled a bigger Brett nothing like your all time fav player 2x’s on your roster. 
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  • retirepujolsretirepujols Registered Users, Member 4,830 Posts
    🤔 probably 340 Walk off king Meadows. 
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  • mythicaldragonmythicaldragon Registered Users, Member 2,407 Posts
    This guy killed it for a couple months with skills maxed 
  • criffycriffy Registered Users, Member 625 Posts
    520 Eddie Mathews. Stud for a long long time
  • RippersRippers Registered Users, Member 332 Posts
    Bob Gibson for me. Was a dominating ace all season. Well worth the 5X BXP. For so long he pitched every game of the season event. 
  • JTANDMEJTANDME Registered Users, Member 767 Posts
    I know you are speaking of players released inside the game but I first got to say, the real MVP of tsb for me this year are a lot of the people I have met from here. Not going to go off naming names and all cause, ain't nobody got time for that sap, but the guys I am with now kept the "drug needle" in my arm. 

    As for actual players, double trouble Brett and then Kiner once he was leveled to take out the fat [email protected][email protected]
  • FrankTheTank04FrankTheTank04 Registered Users, Member 1,070 Posts

    This guy.  Pulled him on September 3rd and he's still in my lineup.  
    Just no.  
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    I got a few :
    340 Meadows was my first WoH beast when I was Silver
    390 Bellinger was the first prime I capped when I moved to Gold and was essential in beating HoF for the first time in July
    450 Scioscia was the one who made cycle capping HoF possible for me
    520 Mathews was the cornerstone of my move to Diamond and was a beast for a long time
    510 Baylor saved my move to Diamond (I went Diamond the weekend right before Glu made WoH pitchers D5) as my WoH closer vs Gibson (and first week with Babe) at 6.10
  • drsmartassphddrsmartassphd Registered Users, Member 3,133 Posts

    @FrankTheTank04: You Kan't Kuck The Kruk

    That thread had so much potential.

    Yes, we are aware of the game having crashing issues in the middle of WoH, but we can't compensate you for the gold you lost at this time. This is done on a case by case basis. - TSB Customer Service

  • dustyhunksdustyhunks Registered Users, Member 1,672 Posts
    Im gonna go in the other direction and go with my created legend. There was so much discussion about him before game release; which position, handedness, skills etc. Ultimately that player was the one that got me cycling both WoH and SF and helped til he was surpassed by 2 skill jamokes. I left him at g10 when I went diamond but used him regularly up to level 5 in HoF for early rounds before resetting him (was going to convert to 2b day Boone was HoF reward). 

    Fyi I still have 520 Mathews and 510 Coop. Don’t think I can trade those guys in..
  • buddydavebuddydave Registered Users, Member 317 Posts
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    My co-MVPs:
    • 490 Brilliant Bats Bill Buckner, because he helped me beat HOF/Royale for the first time
    • 550 Living Legend Pete Alonso, because he helped me return to beating HOF/Royale after a long dry period
  • babyjbootsbabyjboots Registered Users, Member 465 Posts
    Totally the 520 Mathews.  I lived on that dude for a long long time.  I used the 520 Boog as well.
  • DantemavericksDantemavericks Registered Users, Member 92 Posts
    I still have 520 Mathews in my line up. He has been solid since his release.
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  • judgesmails1judgesmails1 Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
    490 Edmonds carried me for awhile 
  • bobdylan_fanbobdylan_fan Registered Users, Member 303 Posts
    For me - early in the season it was Meadows, then 450 Scioscia, and then 520 Mathews. 520 Mathews for the money really outperformed for a very long time. So - giving the overall nod to Mathews.
  • MattattackMattattack Registered Users 1,971 Posts
    340 Buxton is mine, he helped spring board my start to diamond and was very useful for a long time.

    520 Mathews and 510 Baylor probably are 2nd and 3rd in either order.  Both helped out in woh alot for a long time
  • BOZZCOBOZZCO Registered Users, Member 102 Posts
    Keeper Mantle was great for me all year. After the mid point he would drop a bit in my woh lineup but back to the top at the beginning of each month.

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