New Club for ‘20?

navyjack77navyjack77 Registered Users, Member 1,297 Posts
So I’ve been going back and forth on what might break up the monotony for me in this game. I have decided to do something I almost did many months ago. I am going to leave my club behind and either make a solo club with my junior account or join a top club. I’m not sure on this route yet, but I’ll probably start with the solo and go from there. I’ll probably start the process once ‘20 comes out, but if there are any top clubs out there looking for one more, let me know. 


  • Thekid84Thekid84 Registered Users, Member 216 Posts
    We arent a top club, play casual and only a couple of VIPs, but we've been together since 18.  Just let me know if you fall short on your search.
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