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Wow...when i heard the limit would be 150, i was kinda upset.  But i work 60 hrs a week, and usually pass out before events end, and my free time is spent playing the game.  150 videos seems just right.  Im not a mega spender only about 400 dollars a year, so videos are my lifeline.  But i cant even watch that many videos during the week, and enjoy the game.  But the weekends are a different beast.  I work hard, but i rest even harder on the weekends.  

My question is this: 150 videos in a weekday event seems ok, but on weekends dont you think the daily counter should be more?


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    I could live with the limit if they would suspend it during 2x gold events when the squirrels pack away the nuts for the winter. 
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    What about just increasing it...im not a cheater, so i dont know, but in a fb page im on they mentioned auto tappers...this will stop them i guess, but im pretty sure i can reach at least 250 on a weekend and still have enough time to actually enjoy the game.
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    150 videos at 30 seconds a piece takes an hour and 15 mins (without load time). That is really, really low for many of us.
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    This may be my lack of understanding or following.. 

    Is it 150 per day or 150 per event?
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    Thekid84 said:
    This may be my lack of understanding or following.. 

    Is it 150 per day or 150 per event?
    Per day, the counter resets every evening at 8 PM eastern
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    Do WOH boosts, etc count against the 150?
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    Boosts havent affected my vid count...but i read on fb that it did...not sure if there are two beta versions out.
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