Levelling without have resources to max right away

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I’m wondering - is it worth waiting at Silver 10 until you have all of the resources to max out players in Gold or should you just the jump and slowly max everyone? 

If you wait for all resources, then you’re just competing with everyone else at the same level, so why not take the jump to get greater rewards and slowly build?

What are your thoughts?


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    Your team can’t be better than silver 6, so when you say silver 10 I’m thinking about your club instead of your team. 

    Your club level will not matter one bit for anything except the cvc rewards. Level that up without any downside. 

    Your team is really a matter of your patience level. Is it better to save and cap all players right away?  Most will say yes. I don’t have the patience to save, so I typically make a jump at some random time. You can ask @dkarski87 and he will confirm I level up impulsively. Shoot I’m here at silver 6 thinking about diamond already. 
  • blueprintsblueprints Registered Users, Member 96 Posts
    CORRECTION: I meant Silver VI
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    Your idea of fun is always the best approach. Without knowing that, I'll just give my view. Personally, I never move up in tiers unless I can cap all the hitting upgrades and have at least 4 bats capped. Even then, I always error on the side of caution. I went silver a couple of weeks ago. I ignored my pitching and capped six bats(two keepers and ML). I capped all hitting upgrades and anything related to WoH. I also capped four sluggers and as a result, was able to hit the ground running. Fast forward to today and I'm in the process of doing the same. I will once again ignore pitching and likely, sluggers too. My strategy works because I'm only concerned about WoH and CvC. Again, it all depends on what's fun for you.
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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