New WOH- Was it a success?

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Idk about you, but WOH yesterday was some of the best fun I’ve had playing in awhile. WOH is by far my favorite event, but after you are able to cycle through a few times it becomes very repetitive. With the additions of the new difficulties, the game has brought back new life to WOH. With all new levels everyone in your club should be able to cycle  which contributes even more to the club. It also gives Vets like myself a new challenge to WOH. I liked the challenge of going into something new, something unknown. While I only reached 6.9 on HOF(didn’t have enough gold for a restart), I’m confident next week I’ll be able to come out victorious.  How did everyone feel? What do you think they could have done differently?


  • dustyhunksdustyhunks Registered Users, Member 1,617 Posts
    Nice concept but execution sucked. Literally. Like all your resource are belong to us.....
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    I believe this is by cash is for sale now in specials along with other resources.  It would make sense from the developers point of view to limit heavy handed resource farming including repetitive loops on lower levels of WOH where building resources incl cash via autoplay used to be very (too) lucrative.  The game just got tweaked to require more money to make it work well and to “win”.  Anyhow, I liked finally having viable players to chase instead of the leftovers we’d been getting. 

    We’ll see about Royale.  Monday used to be a bigger resource day but between slugs and crap player chasing/pure resource hounding cycling Wed could be the day to line pockets.  

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    Oh it's of course by design. But man, throw us a bone here. You finally get to a point where strategy matters and are flush enough to use it and then that rug gets pulled out from under you. This shift implies maybe Glu isn't generating enough revenue, player base is declining or they are preparing for when that is the case. We've lost 3-4 every day actives in my club since 19 came out with another 10% that came over from 18 going on long stretches of inactivity.
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    GLUs first quarter, they are anything but struggling.  Looks like we represent the newly bloated cash cow.  
  • LudwigMonsterLudwigMonster Registered Users, Member 381 Posts
    It was a total joke and IMHO ruined any fun that was once there. I voiced my concerns to CS and given their response via the news tab, I wasn't the only one. Having my top 6 gold players capped getting smoked by level 1 pitchers was a complete joke. In short, they broke something that didn't need fixing.
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    1.6mil for 19 so far with those numbers. And LOL...successfully launched TSB 19. Wasn't that shit down for HOURS on launch day??!
  • JudgeJudge Registered Users, Member 64 Posts
    Seeing a couple of my club mates cycle the HOF level gave me confidence that it could be beaten.  It wasn’t easy, but a major sense of satisfaction when blasting a walk-off vs Thor at 6.10.  Corey WOHx2 is a great addition!

    Like others, I’m not happy with the adjusted supplemental rewards (cash, BG).  I’d like to see them cap the towers at 5 levels and provide better rewards throughout the levels to match the difficulty. A player at the Veteran tier would be a step in the right direction and more PXP!!

    It is clear that you need a capped lineup to compete in the event, especially keepers, and being Gold is a major advantage over Silver.  Kudos to the Silver players who cycled.  Very impressive!
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    We've lost 3-4 every day actives in my club since 19 came out with another 10% that came over from 18 going on long stretches of inactivity.
    We've lost a few too that were everyday, hardcore guys last year. And we have even more guys who are still in the club, but aren't playing.

    Engagement has waned big time, at least for about half of our club members. I do not know if it is representative of the tap user population as a whole, but there are a lot of people who aren't happy (they're fairly loud and easy to identify, on here or on the FB groups, and so on).

    I also have talked to some who seem to be fairly plugged in that tell me there are some big fish who have stepped away this year, talking players who spend upwards of $25,000 per season. But, looking at the infographic that was just posted a few messages up... it doesn't look like they're hurting. 

    77 million last year? If you think they're going to make the game cheaper to play anytime soon... well... 

  • MattattackMattattack New Member Registered Users 1,755 Posts
    Personally I enjoyed it for the most part but since there was a global endurance aka apology gift sent out I am guessing I am probably in the minority.  I think there are a couple tweaks needed but overall I enjoyed something different then the alternative.
  • SEANTONNSEANTONN Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    I like it as well. This format gives everyone something to play for. 
  • Biceson44Biceson44 Registered Users, Member 79 Posts
    I’ve been an everyday player/major contributor to the same club for 3 years. But I am losing interest quickly this year. I probably spend $200 or so a year on this game. I build through WoH. But outside of my keepers I haven’t been able to build the hitters you need to cycle WoH w/o buying the $30 players every week.  I’ll be spending my money on a PS4 for “the show” rather than dumping  it into TSB this year. 
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