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A common theme I'm hearing from those braving the DTI tier is the amount of gold spent is vast.  Long term is that tier simply just gonna be a part of the game that locks out certain players?  My issue is that gold is the currency of the game, but is not expected to be necessary to play.  The gold in this case seems more than necessary and just wondering how you, the players, feel about it?  I don't see myself shelving out money for mountains just to be competitive in that tier...however, if the rewards for that tier Garner better rewards that are necessary for future events, then I'm afraid we've treaded into the P2P scene.  It's early and am still hopeful and I loved that the rewards for classic we're pretty solid as well.  It's a bummer classic didn't get a 25% or 15% chance Yelich box also but I get it!


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    I wouldn't worry, the game is playable as either a F2P or as a P2P. You just find your niche and go from there.
    As F2P, you just have to be more careful and thoughtful for when they spend the gold.
    If you have a wallet budget as a P2P, then you can be more indiscriminate. 
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    I did use 3k gold for my cycle, but I just did that to get through it hurriedly. I could have been more patient and spent a lot less gold. 

    We had guys cycle and use only a couple hundred gold for the 80 boosts on the last 2-3 pitchers. 

    Gold is actually rather easy to get via videos, offers and your club tier rewards during the week. Especially when you have double gold videos for 5 days straight. 

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    I’m embarrassed to say how much I spent on gold finishing 6-10. Thor kept giving me a steady diet of breaking balls that had about a 1 in 10 shot of being a hit.
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    If you invest in your keepers and legend, it's not bad at all. In particular, you can cycle very cheap in gold.
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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    Thanks for the feedback!  I still have great optimism to it.  As long as that same Yelich is offered some other way than cycling yesterday I'm open to it.  I'd hate to feel like I'm being left out due to playstyle rather than money and cost.  And yeah vids are the way to go.  Offers are trash as I've done alot of them in 17 and 18 and from what I see they don't reset so I'm stuck not being able to earn much there.  My only beef with vids is mine are all 30secs with 4-5sec pauses in between, absolutely dreadful.  
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