Trey Mancini Double CVC - Worth It?

blueprintsblueprints Registered Users, Member 96 Posts
Ive got a pretty stacked team but always seem to struggle in CVC and in the final rounds of WOH. Do you think Mancini is worth buying? 


  • midgetmulletmidgetmullet Registered Users, Member 273 Posts
    The skills are for CVC solely.  I'd recommend buying someone who has double skills that can be used in CVC AND WOH.  For the final rounds of WOH, skills are extremely important.  
    Right now I'd rather have Corey Seager in the Primetime season box or Derek Dietrich in the hot shots box (even though his skills are possibly not used in much of WOH either).  So I'd advise buying gold instead of Mancini unless you really really love CVC.
  • blueprintsblueprints Registered Users, Member 96 Posts
    I saw it more as an opportunity to score higher in CVC to get the MVP boxes but he also has a high hitting rating which could help in the high rounds of WOH
  • Tdub71Tdub71 Registered Users, Member 1,876 Posts
    I agree.  The only event-specific skill I want is woh, and that's not ideal either.  I think risp and late innings are by far the most useful skills, but rhp and lhp are good, too.
  • UltimateWarriorUltimateWarrior Registered Users, Member 543 Posts
    If you want to score more in CVC buy the 9.99 subscription. The multiplier increase alone starts at x500. If you don’t like it you can always cancel it @blueprints
  • duhjaysduhjays Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
    I got Seager and have been happy with him.
  • JdotChristopherJdotChristopher Registered Users, Member 392 Posts
    If you have the extra money, the subscription is hands above any player.  The rewards are great if you’re in a platinum or diamond club.  I’d go for that for a few weeks instead of buying a player in the specials tab.  That $30 will be well spent with all the boxes you’ll get from the CVC rewards.    
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