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yadi2112yadi2112 Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
This game is a lot of fun. I wish I could figure out what it takes to become VIP. I am at level 9 on the allstar. Don't want to spend anymore money if I can't  collect level 10.


  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    Great post!
  • blueprintsblueprints Registered Users, Member 96 Posts
    That post sounded like it was motivated by a glu response “there are many factors considered for VIP status including being active and posting on the forums” lol
  • snowy24snowy24 Registered Users, Member 293 Posts
    I wonder if they get paid by the number of posts they make on this topic or if its a bot? 🤔 Glu I could use the money. Sign me up! 😆
  • CP31CP31 Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
    all vip posts should be banned by now....spend a grand ...get vip....FML
  • slafrance2slafrance2 Registered Users, Member 1,368 Posts
    edited June 2019
    There is a search bar at the top right corner. Please see the screen shot below. Thats all you need to do to maybe find out how to become VIP.

  • matt_sackettmatt_sackett Registered Users, Member 1,540 Posts
    The Glubot posts again
    Nothing in life is as beautiful as the Balsamic thread.

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