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Currently I’m the only active member of my club. On the downside, it means I never win much of anything on the club level in any club events. On the upside, because our overall scores are so low we get matched mostly against dead/almost dead clubs in CvC so I take home the MVP prize etc probably 75% of the time. It’s a gold level club so it can make for a decent haul — managed to pull Prime Freeman today. 

Should I be looking to jump to a different club or is my situation cozy enough to stay put? (For background I’m a 53k Gold team). 


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    I’m in the same boat. I enjoy getting MVP and high round awards with almost every matchup. If you watch the winners for each event it’s almost always the same teams. Why join one of these ultra teams where you wouldn’t win anything with CVC matchups. Enjoy the prizes and keep building your team. I even see more and more private clubs with just one person for this exact reason. 
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    I like being in a club where everyone puts out. We all grind together and talk to each over messages. Sure the club I’m in now got some heavy hitters that win cvc but I’ll tell you  that just makes it fun to me. Cause in my opinion what’s the point of the game if not for clubs and competing against each other? It makes it exciting to me. I don’t see me spending all this to just build a team. Just my thoughts. I would probably look for a active club their is plenty clubs out there that could use a active team. Trust me I carried a club won the cvc all the time got boring then I was recruited for a bigger club now I’m in the running. Clubs ranks I’ve never been in. Anyways something to think about
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    That’s actually a perfect question. I think it depends on where your team is at in the game. Sometimes I’m looking for some XP and picks but other times I’m looking for new players on my team.  Being on a solid club consistently gets you rewards but being on a Gold club alone gives you a bunch of chances for new sick players.  I would stay for a minute and hopefully hit some boxes then move when you need to gather the XP to improve them all.
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    My answer agrees with both points. The most frustrating thing which I discovered is being in a Club with an inactive Leader.  When I tried to usurp for control, Customer Service couldn’t do anything officially other than suggest changing Clubs or starting my own.  (I’ve played since TSB2015). There hands are basically tied by policy to abstain from such action even when justified with case proof.
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