Anyone not get the 2x gold on special offers?

cuseC08cuseC08 Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
Woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise. 2x gold on special offers! I signed up for the free credit report thing and was supposed to get over 2k gold. It only rewarded me with the normal amount. Was definitely a bummer. Anyone else have this happen?


  • Cooz19Cooz19 Registered Users 1,256 Posts
    Too busy watching x2 gold ads. Perhaps the banner on the home page is a mistake. 

    Enjoy that credit report though. 
  • benny100benny100 Registered Users, Member 757 Posts
    Double on offers is working OK for me
  • EbiggzEbiggz Registered Users, Member 282 Posts
    Worked fine for me with DSC and Hulu. 
  • BIGBOBBY92BIGBOBBY92 Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    For me it doesn't say 2x gold on videos but after watching one video I got 8 gold so it's working for me! Tap Sports Baseball Discord I help run
  • cuseC08cuseC08 Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    Yeah yeah I got the 2x gold on all the videos and 2x gold on the second special offer. It was just the first one I was missing gold. Oh well. I’ll submit a support ticket to TAPJOY after 24 hours. 
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