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I would like to know why glu rewards players for staying at the silver level. Cvc being a big issue. The trick to cvc is stay at silver and max out all of your offensive upgrades and you batters. Winning cvc rewards gets you better players that you can level up at a very low price. Therefore, you don’t need to buy players or resources as often as those that strive to rise through the ranks. It doesn’t seem like good business to reward those that stay at lower levels. It must be the algorithm that glu uses for each level but how can silver batters that can’t be close to the level of diamond batters dominate cvc while facing the same pitchers? Glu should reward the players that want to move up and are using way more resources to level up their players and not the sandbaggers sitting at silver. If everybody stayed at silver glu would lose a ton of income. Glu-reward the players that put in the work. 


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    And those staying at silver, do they have an easier or harder time in WOH and eventually bonus/prime games? Some of those "sandbaggers" sitting at silver don't feel like moving up too fast without resources as opposed to those that think goin up in tiers and having platinum & diamond teams weaker than most silver teams is actually an accomplishment.
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    Very valid points and a great strategy. I definitely had a harder time winning bonus games but not prime or season games. I was getting past woh easily enough at silver as well. I would imagine that I could level up my prime players at silver and have a much stronger team for my level than I currently have compared to my level. My frustration is not being able to hammer pitchers that are ranked in the 50s or below. I wouldn’t be as frustrated if I faced pitchers with a higher ranking and did poorly. I only got a single yesterday against a pitcher rated at 29. That’s like Freddie freeman not being able to hit against rookie ball pitching. Like I said, it might be the smarter strategy but it doesn’t seem well balanced. Lesson learned for  next year I guess. 
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    Also, the fact that silver teams have a harder time winning bonus games prime games and woh clearly shows that glu wants you to move up. I feel that only validates my point even further. Why reward the players that stay at silver in one phase of the game and punish them in the other phases of the game?
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