Bonus 5 star guarantee after so many boxes.

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This is an incredibly frustrating part of the game for everyone I seen and talked to about it. Currently it's the Astros week and after spending over 4k in gold, as well as buying some box specials with cash, and I didn't get any 5 star bonus guys. Actually, I didn't even get a regular 5 star guy. What I did get is 17 or 18 guys that offer such a small reward per hit/strike out there's no point to even leveling them up for the event. This has happened to me multiple times and have strongly considered quitting the game. Honestly, it's one of the worst parts of the game for me. 

Ok enough for the rant, here's my idea, and I think glu would benefit from it as well. After a certain amount is spent on the bonus event boxes, or a certain number of boxes opened without a 5 star bonus guy, you end up being rewarded a "special promo 5 star" bonus guy, or even a prime player that can only be recieved if you met the above criteria. If you do recieve a special 5 star guy, it resets and you start over. Maybe have a meter on the side somewhere so players can see how close they are. It would really help the frustration and encourage people to buy more boxes. 

It's really win win for everyone. Players are happy because they know they are actually going to get someone, and if they are "unlucky" like I seem to be, it's even better because the guy is an even "more special bonus guy." The gold and money spent doesn't seem like a waste anymore, and the frustration goes away and players will end up buying more boxes instead of quitting. I can tell you I would buy a ton more boxes with that guarantee in place. People are happy and are having more fun, which is what this game is about. You guys end up making more money because people will be buying more boxes, which is what your business is about. 

I really believe this would help a lot of players frustration and anger. And seriously, business economic college will tell you, happy people spend more money. Plain and simple. I can't think of a good reason why this would be a bad idea. 

If there is anything confusing, let me know, I will try to clarify. If anyone notices anything wrong, or has specifics they would like to add, post it on here. Let's make this happen. 


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    @mmorri24, GLU has announced this would be included in the next major update. Announced in last VIP newsletter.
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    ^ this, and you've also kind of described fan rewards. 
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    Great post and a great idea
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    ^ this, and you've also kind of described fan 
    Rewards BigHurt said:
    @mmorri24, GLU has announced this would be included in the next major update. Announced in last VIP newsletter.

    Hmmm well how about that. Seems like someone already mentioned this problem. Well that makes me feel better! When does the news letter come out? Does it get sent to your email? I just made VIP a few days ago so I'm not sure the rewards and stuff yet. 

    The only problem I have with fan rewards events is that the gold spent doesn't go towards the stadium investment. The days without the fan rewards are the days you don't spend much gold on. So the investment is pretty difficult to get to next levels. 

    Thanks for the info guys! 
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    @mmorri24 did you sign up for the newsletter in the VIP lounge? Should come out on the first Thursday of each month.
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    Personally I think they need to make the rewards that aren’t players better so it’s not as bad when we don’t get players 
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    Good idea, only issue I have is generating teams that are good based off the sole fact they spent enough money to earn the rewards. Don’t get me wrong I love purchasing boxes, but this increases the pay to win and hands out free players practically. What about the excitement of pulling a good player from a box, not being gifted it!
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    Either those boxes didn’t go live this weekend or that is a VIP perk. Of course they did say select boxes and the example is a 700 gold box which is not a weekend box.
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    Never said it would be EVERY box.
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    That’s pretty awesome ngl. I’ve finally been hitting the jackpots recently pulling dup primes over and over. Not looking forward to my dry spell though😥
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