$9.99 vs $19.99 Field Pass

JTPASTORJTPASTOR Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
Which one has proven more beneficial? Seems like the $9.99 is longer but the weekend one has more gifts upfront. I am looking to go to Diamond soon and wondered which one would be better? Thanks in advance for any feedback. 


  • retirepujolsretirepujols Registered Users, Member 4,830 Posts
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    I like the field pass during the week because it's cheaper and I get more time to autoplay bonus games and tournaments, but the weekend field pass is valuable if you're going to level players (primes in particular) in conjunction with a weekend discount club. With the same 350/400 level players being released, I personally think the week day field pass blows the weekend field pass out of the water.
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  • JTPASTORJTPASTOR Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    Thanks retirepujols. I am primarily interested in the autoplay and so the weekday seems best. Hoping to jump to diamond soon. 
  • spoomanspooman Registered Users, Member 71 Posts
    I think it's a great opportunity to level players and get rewards, but at a 120$ a month, if you do them all. It's just another way of glu to reach into our pockets, and pull out even more money. It's already very expensive to play this game, if you want a decent team not even a great team which requires opening boxes and leveling players just about every day you have to spend 250 to 500 a month. If you want a great team and compete, well the money is endless.. With the limited gold now you can farm, and really no other way to get gold other than buying it, another 120$ a month is not a good deal..
  • shewantsmeshewantsme Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
    I'm love the auto play to end feature and level player up discounts but milestones seem out of reach after first couple. 
  • bayoubengalbayoubengal Registered Users, Member 981 Posts
    I have an 80+k team and get by pretty well without spending.  just ask @retirepujols @Tdub71 @DFBB
    First, congrats on not being the 1st person to ask this question.
  • DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts
    @JTTeams Depending on your situation with resources, getting FP the weekend you jump to diamond is most ideal. You'll be able to cap the bxp guys at 50% off and if you're in position, the prime guys can be capped at 'just' 470k pxp.
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  • JTPASTORJTPASTOR Registered Users, Member 456 Posts
    @DFBB Thanks. Is there any leveling discount for the week pass? Or is that just the weekend pass? 
  • SandlotGuruSandlotGuru Registered Users, Member 285 Posts
    There is a 20% leveling discount with both of the passes, but on the weekend it stacks with the club leveling discounts (up to 30%), which can get you up to a total discount of 50%.
  • Tilted99Tilted99 Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    I think the weekday is way better... I mean obviously it cost less, but its for an extra day, there is no other discount available, and this week it was 1200 gold with 2 700 boxes. That's 2600 gold with 4 days of the pass vs the weekend being 2500 gold + 3 boxes totaling 1,000 gold. So 2600 vs 3500 for $10 more, besides on weekends my club has 20 or 30% discounts anyways, so anymore is luxury vs a need. 
  • biese2000biese2000 Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    I like the weekday one better only because it's cheaper and last longer
  • lpoheronlpoheron Registered Users, Member 170 Posts
    The weekend one is nine if you pull a prime player you want to level up. 50% off is a huge advantage if you are willing to give up the weekend club rewards to use a .3 discount club...easy choice 

  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    Weekend costs more IMO because of the stacking ability to pair it with the .3 max weekend discount.  That means like it was said that you have a 50% off fire sale all weekend.  During the week is good for BG autoplays, but in the long run the strategy of Cycling WOH to level the player of the week together with adding to your squad on weekends with double discounts working will be the most efficient and economical approach, with days in between conserving/building resources for the regular spending schedule.  
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    Anyway, I buy both.  Why have to pin yourself down with a choice.  LOL
  • nelagesbuenonelagesbueno Registered Users, Member 39 Posts
    On the weekend field pass, when you stack the 20% and the 30% discounts, does that apply to all players? Or, just he weekend bonus players?
  • ReclinerRecliner Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
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    Discounts from Thursdays bonus game event only count toward players pulled from the weekend boxes. The field pass discount applies to any player, so they only stack toward the weekend player.
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