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This would probably never happen but I wish the game implemented secondary positions for players that could play all around the diamond. Like someone like Baez, who could play shortstop for a primary, but you could also move him to second or third, if you had another good player you wanted to put in the lineup. Not sure if any of you have played MLB The Show, but that’s how it is on there and it’s really useful when you’re loaded at a certain position but still want one your best players to still play. 


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    Utility Players
    I suggested last year, similar to (OF) being a flexible assignment, that known Utility players be allowed for Any field position or possible (INF) without a specific Position designator.
    If Pablo Sandavol becomes one of TSB’s challenge pitchers, how come he’s always stuck at 3rd Base for me?
    ~ Andrew
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    There are plenty more whom can be added, but the few to make note of:
    Infielders playing in the Outfield
    Chris Taylor - LA Dodgers
    Brandon Belt - SF Giants
    Will Myer - SD Padres
    Chad Pinder - Oakland A’s
    Mark Canha - Oakland A’s
    Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers
    Pete Allonso - NY Mets
    Cody Bellinger - LA Dodgers
    Marwin Gonzalez - Twins
    Witt Merrifield - KC Royals

    Displaced Infielders
    Mike Moustakas 2B - Milwaukee Brewers
    Greg Garcia 2B - SD Padres
    Dee Gordon 2B - Seattle Mariners
    Dave Robertson 2B - TB Rays
    ~ Andrew
    TSB19 - SF bay Area
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    only been playing for a month but noticed my short stop ketek marte is actually an outfielder how is this possible
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