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    Made it 5.10 and my mom called while I was about to rip the pitcher a new one. Game rebooted and now I’m stuck on 5.7. 

    Granted I've cycled three times, but still frustrating. A lot harder without live boost. 
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    Made it thru Petit this evening 4-4 with my main and 2-2 with my alt. He was killing me earlier in the day like the difficulty was set higher. 
  • likenightlikenight Registered Users, Member 471 Posts
    Yeah can’t get past 5-4 now. 
  • tshea510tshea510 Registered Users, Member 688 Posts
    Base15 said:
    Lol. I can’t help you. I have a 420 going against him and am 1-4. Didnt get the ball out of the infield on the 3 loses. 

    I must be having a vastly different experience than others in this thread. I’m not finding it to be easy at all. 
    I’m right there with ya on that. I saw where you eventually got through it, but I’m done. So close, but so far away. But if he’s POTM then yeah, why keep trying? Monday was MUCH easier for me, but reward was also less I suppose. 🤷‍♂️
    Just a Silver team from the wrong side of the tracks, so what do I know? 🤷‍♂️
  • FrankTheTank04FrankTheTank04 Registered Users, Member 822 Posts
    I made it through easily the first time, now I'm stuck at Scherzer just throwing 9 straight shit pitches every time I get to him.  Guess they want me to use a different batter now.
    2oclock west coast time is when my team switches to whiffle ball bats @FrankTheTank04
    I got in 8 cycles without gold and then after 2 I can’t auto play past 5-3 and can’t beat 5-7 with 420 capped guy with skills at 10/10. I usually just take a break for a couple hours and use then next live boost. That usually brings on the fastball train again. 
    That's what happens!  Yeah 4PM central time is when that happened to me.  I'll never cycle that many times, but that's awesome for those who can.  I lose lots of auto plays, so I just end up playing lots of rounds, like 4 through 10 of level 5.  I did just cycle for my 4th time today though, so that's fun.
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    I'm in full agreement on not spending PXP to cycle cap Bregman (which pains me, as I'm an Astros fan).  The bigger question is whether I should cap the Max 420 Ryu I pulled from today's box.  Is it worthwhile to blow 230K PXP on a guy like him when my POTM Cole has been more than good enough this month, and I plan to chase a new pitcher when POTM boxes drop?  I'm also planning to jump to diamond soon (maybe after the VIP gift drops), so I'm leaning towards just hanging on to my PXP stash until I jump.  Any thoughts would be welcome.
    You can always bring up a new field pass for the same discount any time in the future.  I would sit on it till the weekend boxes drop since we have the bump and I expect to see some juicy must haves on offer.  If it doesn’t appeal then get the field pass and level away, either on the weekend or next week.  
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    Was the easiest Royale WoH I’ve encountered didn’t have to use any boost at all and only 1 reset the entire 5 rounds, think it was 5.9 I had to use it, couldn’t get any hittable pitches first time facing him.
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    Was the easiest Royale WoH I’ve encountered didn’t have to use any boost at all and only 1 reset the entire 5 rounds, think it was 5.9 I had to use it, couldn’t get any hittable pitches first time facing him.
    I had a very different experience. Must have lost at least 25 times until finally succeeding after live boost ended. 
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,134 Posts
    Was the same for me.  Uninspired.....have to motivate better next week.  
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    sullipa8 said:
    What has been interesting for me today is that I went through in about an hour the first time. Took no time to get through the first 4 levels, then a bunch of retries for level 5. Since then, I haven’t come close to beating level 5. Same guys I used before. Same boosts I used before. I lost to Petit about 75% of the time. Lost to Scherzer 90% of the time. And haven’t made it past Bumgarner the 2nd time around. Most of the time, I only see 1 or 2 hitable pitches. If I struggled every time with that, I’d get it. But going through in short order then not sniffing it the 2nd tone is strange to me.
    This describes my typical Wednesday perfectly. I'm probably being combative in suggesting I don't get a break because I've never spent cash on the game, but I've played long enough now that I feel like I can't suck THAT much anymore (though I'm not opposed to that theory). I got better players, I bumped up their skills, I practiced a's basically the same experience it's always been. If I want to win the player, I'll need a few hours and about 1000g. 
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