Another awesome Glu move....



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    Until 2020 comes out, which is around march if i remember correctly. Still got time
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    DPKS said:
    bigvivec said:
    Dude, if you manage to limit yourself to 300 in a year you aren’t properly representing VIPs!!!
    I believe hes not a vip. Think hes asking that if he spends $500 one year, and $300 the next totaling the $800 for vip status, will he get vip. Which im 99% sure it doesnt and has to be the same year. Now im wondering if you got vip in 2018, but havent spent the $800 this year, will it still carry over. Or do you have continue to spend the required amount each year to continue your vip status. 
    I get it....same situation myself last year.  Deal is you need to achieve VIP status before the game resets in March.  Balances do not carryover. 
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