Why did I waste 60k gold on POTM?

JEDDDOGGYJEDDDOGGY Registered Users, Member 2,386 Posts
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If they aren't even going to get bonus points?


  • AgulierspeedAgulierspeed Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    So you get get a roster full of shortstops from WOH....
  • JTANDMEJTANDME Registered Users, Member 759 Posts
    It's like every other POTM... occasional bonus player and rarely a bonus when/where you want them to be. 
  • JEDDDOGGYJEDDDOGGY Registered Users, Member 2,386 Posts
    Eh except its not like every other POTM. They were always bonus through the week. Yesterday they only had the relief pitcher and that was it. There is always a SP, at least one hitter and usually a RP too.
  • eman0023eman0023 Registered Users, Member 156 Posts
    Thinking the same thing.  POTM Cole has had one day (first Royale of the month).  He's been great in season mode at least for me lol
  • ShoveItUpYoenis2ShoveItUpYoenis2 Registered Users, Member 952 Posts
    Jesus that’s a lot of gold to piss away on temporary boosted players who aren’t a bonus 
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