Facebook will not load

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My account won’t link up and Glu hasn’t responded yet. The game wants me to star from beginning and when I try to link from Facebook it says unable to load. Does anyone else have this issue or is there a known fix. My team is to far advanced to start over lol


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    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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    That link is useless
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    I used to have this problem when I was connected to my WiFi at work. Facebook was blocked there so I had to switch to using data to login on my Facebook account, then could switch back to WiFi 
  • Darkdancer333Darkdancer333 New Member Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    All my other apps and games link to Facebook only this game doesnt
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    What I did was:
    1. Logged out of facebook app
    2. Uninstalled TAP19 app
    3. Logged back into facebook app and went to security settings and clicked apps and websites. I then went to the section where it shows what apps and websites you are logging into with facebook. If it is not under your active ones, go to expired or removed and find it.  When you find it, click it and it should give you some details.  Everything seemed fine on mine, but I clicked save under INFO YOU'RE SHARING WITH THIS APP.
    4. I reinstalled TAP19.  When it asked for my google play games account, I just clicked outside the box to sign in without it.  I then went to the facebook link account in the app, and it reset the app and brought me back in to my old account.
    I tried everything too and this is finally what got it to work. 
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    This is why i use the email option. The facebook one was unreliable for me. Best of luck though man, it may take a bit to get a response, but you should be ok in the end
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    I hope so a lot is invested team full of legends 160 k team power
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