Removal of All Star Tickets and Missing Toolbox Subscription Tickets....Again

tshea510tshea510 323 PostsRegistered Users, Member

After not receiving the 30 AS tickets from the Toolbox Subscription, much like beginning of season, I opened a ticket. But instead of crediting the 30 tickets, CS took away over 800 AS tickets! Not only that, my level 10 rewards were also taken away. Obviously, not happy, so I requested a supervisor. Remember 2 weeks ago we all got a bonus reward of AS tickets? Looks like an “official” mistake that could flag our accounts. Or at least that’s the company line. So y’all might get tickets taken away. Or account flagged. Or nothing at all, who knows? 🤷‍♂️ But at least I got some gold to pull more bxp out of a box.


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