Android Update and Gold Videos

babyjbootsbabyjboots Registered Users, Member 465 Posts
Is anyone seeing weird behavior when trying to watch videos after the Android update?
I'm able to watch one video but when I get back to the watch video screen, it seems like the watch video button is turned off.  I can't start another video unless I close and reopen the game.  I know the touches are getting registered because the lights blink when I touch the screen.


  • Boston0714Boston0714 Registered Users, Member 168 Posts
    I can only watch 1 video at a time,  then it shows me I got 4 gold, instead of being able to watch multiple videos.
  • criffycriffy Registered Users, Member 625 Posts
    This was definitely a downgrade from the previous version. All I can do is grab 4 gold a time instead of accumulating a bunch of gold and cashing out at the end now. Requires a third click after every video now
  • SBxIronmanSBxIronman Registered Users, Member 43 Posts
    Be thankful. The videos on my Android team now context switch constantly between the game screen and video, forcing me to force close the app. The constant flashing back and forth could cause an epileptic seizure. In any event, no more gold, no more video boosts, and the same thing happens when trying to open the ticket creation. 
  • ToughthundercatsToughthundercats New Member Registered Users, Member 1,733 Posts
    I get what everyone is saying but be thankful that the videos are playing after the update. I know in years past after each update there would always be issues with the video player. A slight annoyance but you gotta remember that's how it was for the 2015 and 2016 versions. I'm not complaining because it could be a whole lot worse!
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