CVC & Clash Rewards

kehatekehate Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
Can we go back to everybody that participates in the winning club getting a small box? Being in a Diamond Level club and getting a reward of 1,650 regular XP is kind of insulting. Especially if the members are posting decent scores.

”You put up 2.5M points in Clash but weren’t the MVP? Well, that’s too bad. Here’s a paltry amount of XP for your efforts! Enjoy!”

Diamond Level club members should also get LXP for High Round. Bronze and Silver get regular, Gold and Platinum get prime and Diamond gets legend. Pretty simple progression.


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    bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    The free box was for a rental prime player.....at least that’s how anyone who is past having much use for pxp would look at it.  Anyway, which is better?  Best players/biggest spenders/edge subscribers and top contributors in your club get boxes that potentially have players they will level and further push the club up the leaderboard or less top boxes for those guys and replace them with low odds boxes for everyone with a player that would only be useful to those who couldn’t win a round of CvC and then still probably not.   
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    kehatekehate Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
    The vast majority of the MVP boxes result in just XP. And one player getting a couple of boxes with a minimal chance of pulling a player they don’t already have is worse than multiple members getting a chance at a bonus player that helps in the daily or weekend event (which usually have better club rewards). The latter is more useful for the majority of clubs and their members. I got a couple of players from the one time they did this, as did many other people in my club. And because of those pulls we got a top ten finish. 
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