ATG pulled multiple times

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So within the last 8 days I have pulled Mickey mantle 3 times and I have pulled satchel Paige 4 times. On one day I pulled mantle and Paige back to back. Anyone else keep pulling ATG multiple times?


  • BigBibbins333BigBibbins333 Registered Users, Member 230 Posts
    Not me. I can't pull any...
  • babyjbootsbabyjboots Registered Users, Member 459 Posts
    Yes, I pulled Mantle, Paige and Aaron twice.  I spent a boat load of gold and never got Hornsby, Gehrig or Berra when I was trying for them.  It's not a bad thing but they do seem to come in multiples for me. 
  • 82NDAIRBRN82NDAIRBRN Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
    Yea I wanted Gehrig but could never get him. I have J.Robinson and I got him 2 times and I have yogi which I’ve only pulled once. The ones I actually spend gold on that I want I never get. Mantle and Paige I wanted but damn I wish those odds were as good with those two as for the other ATG i wanted. VIP definitely doesn’t make a different for getting ATG. I recently got VIP and I won all my ATG before it but have seemed to get them more often, probably cause I open tons of boxes daily, but usually win them all on the free boxes given. Game is very random and you never know what it is gonna give. 
  • jalapenocubbiesjalapenocubbies Registered Users, Member 477 Posts
    Yeah spent 94.4k gold chasing mantle this weekend. Then bought a 4.99 Sox box deal and pulled him on the 3rd box 🤷‍♂️
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    I want to see the proof showing the ACTUAL statistics of the boxes. I CALL BULLSHIT. 2020 better come out soon cause I’m on my last fkn straw
  • 82NDAIRBRN82NDAIRBRN Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
    Odds say 5 out of 1000 which make it a .05 chance to win one. I truly don’t know if these are accurate odds just based upon how many times I’ve pulled ATG’s just doesn’t add up mathematically for a .05 percent chance, especially back to backs and a combine of 7 pulls in under 8 days. But i am not complaining, I’ll take it regardless if odds aren’t precise.
  • 82NDAIRBRN82NDAIRBRN Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
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    You spent 94.4k in gold and got none? Dang I’ve never spent that much gold, hell I’ve never had that much gold to spend before. I usually just get lucky and win them on free boxes or $19.99 package deals. As far as the legends available every two days I win at least one of them every time, so I have like 20+ legends that I’m not even using.
  • whynotwhynot Registered Users, Member 1,262 Posts
    Sadly that’s not unusual.  Having  Hornsby fully leveled already I recently pulled him 2x in 10 boxes, the odds of this happening are astronomical.  

    We really shouldn’t be surprised that glu rigs the boxes, they have shown time and time again they have no integrity.  It is the blatant nature in which they do it that is so offensive.

     One good thing is they got me to stop buying the player spotlight boxes, I have never pulled the batter before getting the useless pitcher multiple times.
    I'm confused by what you mean by 5.7 and 5.8.  You mean the round and level? 
    - Blueleopard
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