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WaveburnerWaveburner Registered Users, Member 290 Posts

Spotlight players bumped to 560, so they won't kill your lineup if you play them. About freaking time. 

With the clash reward change, I feel like someone important at Glu woke up from a coma today.


  • retirepujolsretirepujols Registered Users, Member 3,654 Posts
    From 460 to 560 🤔 they've definitely been on autopilot this whole time, smh. Still not interested in spotlight boxes, but at least they cant be ridiculed quite as hard. 
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  • Horse42Horse42 Registered Users, Member 133 Posts
    I wonder if this is another Glu up that they’ll fix later and downgrade back to 490. 
  • benny100benny100 Registered Users, Member 713 Posts
    My guess is sales dried up and they want to sell more boxes ...... 
  • TyroneEastwoodTyroneEastwood Registered Users, Member 261 Posts
    judging by the 390 max after a week. im sure its a glu up. Inb4 they revert it. I feel like they should be quite a bit higher after the week if they're actually supposed to be 560
  • mythicaldragonmythicaldragon Registered Users, Member 1,652 Posts
    I never understood why they weren’t a top player? Imo they should be temporarily boosted to whatever top overall is at the time. The idea is to get a temporarily “boosted” player when in reality they haven’t been “boosted” all year or at least for quite awhile. 
    560 is better but still not good enough,, not “boosted”.
    Agree @TyroneEastwood I think it could be a glu-up considering they cooldown to 390 🧐
  • TheFullMonteTheFullMonte Registered Users, Member 1,218 Posts
    Didn’t we have this debate like two weeks ago???   Ice if these dipshits to catch up after their clients pointed it out for them
  • dustyhunksdustyhunks Registered Users, Member 1,521 Posts
    Idk, I capped Bauer. Hope it's not a mistake and they also forget to remove boost like Devers and Darvish from a couple weeks ago.

    Bxp is so devalued (who isn't wallowing in literally millions of it right now) so we would never see these players at peak max overalls. Everyone would get them every week and never buy the other boxes which would lead to even more diminished points and fewer events they would be bonus. Which is kind of absurd already, pitcher only really being a bonus for 2 days and by far easier to pull than the bat. As is currently Bauer slots into SP2 for me so I'll take it.
  • drsmartassphddrsmartassphd Registered Users, Member 2,181 Posts
    I got Braun but don't want to do anything with him bc of the damn gold.

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  • MattattackMattattack New Member Registered Users 1,506 Posts
    They cooldown to 390 because no bxp player is over 390.   Bxp is easy so they want you to use other harder resources to improve your team
  • JCAM80JCAM80 Registered Users, Member 492 Posts
    Now those are some Spotlight caliber stats... 
  • criffycriffy Registered Users, Member 625 Posts
    those 8 hits though...
  • aaronchennaaronchenn Registered Users, Member 455 Posts
    What's more impressive is that every single out, in 2700 outs, is a strikeout. Damn.
  • dustyhunksdustyhunks Registered Users, Member 1,521 Posts
    edited February 13
    criffy said:
    those 8 hits though...

    You know how I like to complain about the lefty bias in this game...Bauer gave up 4 runs to a team that threw, you guessed it, a capped diamond Mr. Kershaw while barely giving up a hit to anyone else in over 250 starts. I've conceded my lineup to be lefty heavy and have made adjustments but there is something inherent in Glu's code that heavily favors any lefty and Kershaw in particular when he pitches against you.

    Tinfoil hat time*

    Usually, if there is fair amount of disparity between your SP and opponent's max overall (your SP < Oppo SP) you can expect offensive nerfing that depending on the oppo SP can result in a loss. This seems to happen both disproportionately against lefty oppo SP AND even if table is turned and your SP > oppo SP....especially if mister Kershaw is on the mound. Now, with Keeper Babe and Whitey and TJ...forget about it for the most part. You need to wrap your ace to compete but I am utterly dumbfounded as to why Kershaw when he pitches against me is far better than when he pitches FOR me even with similar lineups or my offense having higher proportion of rhb to lhb than oppo. If anything we often see higher CTL resulting in offenses having an easier time hitting a pitcher. Kershaw of all the 470 and 490 primes I have capped has by far the highest CTL rating and sure, for me he gets lit up at times but my offense rarely knocks him out of the game. It makes no goddamn sense and I'm really salty about it, in case you missed that.

    PS: plz only engage me on this if you want to participate in a stupid, obsessive conversation and save the judgement for yo mama, binch!
  • JCAM80JCAM80 Registered Users, Member 492 Posts
    Much larger sample size now and he didn't let up... 1ER per 50+ games and only 29 recorded outs that weren't Ks.  
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