Anyone have a barf bucket



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    edited February 12
    My experience was complete opposite with this box. 3/12 with Troy while only getting evo once. Brought him to D8 and 2 of last 3 boxes repulled to caaaaaaaaaaaaaapppp.

    edit: I'm gonna troll that Kerry Wood thread now....
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    Tdub71 said:
    That's lousy.  I think I can beat it, though.  The last legend of any kind that I have pulled was Grich...  0-60 chasing Green, 0-20 before I gave up on Wood, and garbage this weekend.

    Edit: I am just sitting on 750k lxp.  Waiting to pull someone worth using it on.

    Spent some money and magically the boxes will be kind to you again.
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    I needed LxP and EVO. Only had 4K to spend:





    @drsmartassphd you did what???
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