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This is probably going to be long-winded, so bear with me...

After coming back to the game after 4 months off (with a horribly outdated roster), I committed to going F2P for the rest of the year, and jumped from G6 straight to diamond.  I am finding the grind to be engaging, and generally fun.  After banging out 623 BGs yesterday (without fieldpass), I have a whole new respect for any of you guys that can complete a cycle in 1 day.  I am still losing a few (602-21 yesterday), and am finding myself constantly short on xp (and having awful luck chasing the new toys), since I am now lousy at CVC, EB, and WOH (pumping all my cash into tourneys, so team upgrades are still at 60 across the board, and player skills are suffering).

To the point: what do you guys think would be the most efficient way for me to play going forward?  Should I level Grich and/or Pesky (I have enought lxp to take both to P10ish) to plug the weakest links, or save the resources for a new 580, or ATG?  Should I dump some blue cash into hitting team upgrades?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Note: Whitey is at G10 (322 overall), but the 5x leveling cost is the reason I replaced him with Glasnow.

And, ssshhh,  please don't jinx me on the otlight-spay ayers-play...


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    BXP pitchers are fine I wouldn’t really even touch them beyond leveling more bxp guys. If you’re not wanting to even do FP, which to me is crucial to at diamond, I would focus on new legends and primes and find a 30% discount club for to level possible weekend players. New legends, LL and even some of these new primes would help your team a lot. So I guess I’m saying don’t level anyone you currently have and just try to level Guys using weekend discount or FP discount,
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    I think the best way going forward would be to delete the app and take your wife out.  Second best option would be delete the app and wait for 2020, maybe by then you can beat the addiction.  Lord knows I can’t!
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    @jalapenocubbies, I was leaning that way.  I have resisted the urge to spend, so far, so I will probably not use FP.  Looks like my top keeper options are Yogi and Lenny, right now, so I am really just looking for another top option at SP, or another premium 580+ hitter.

    @whynot, I thought I had it beat, but I fell off the wagon...
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    Dykstra is currently the best left handed closer in the game, so that's a great start.  Since you've already committed to him by taking him to P10, personally, I'd focus on leveling him and forget any other legends/ATGs for the remainder of the year.  I would also focus on trying to cycle classic on Mondays, if you have the time.  WOH is great source of bonus games, free cash, BXP and player upgrades.  While you may not be psyched about a 390 max player, a D10 player at 390 is a major upgrade to your squad right now.  It looks like you're already a fan of the Player Spotlight guys, so I'd take a few stabs at landing that hitter each week, as they will make WOH cycling easier and be long-term roster upgrades.  I probably wouldn't spend any blue cash on team upgrades, because you need to preserve your ability to cycle D6 by feeding the beast with tournaments and bonus games.  Another great resource are the new tournament boxes - if you can stockpile them a bit, wait for a 390 BXP guy to be available in them, pull one and level him to say P10 and then let the re-pulls cap him to D10.  I opened about 500 tournament boxes on Wednesday and generated about 1.2M BXP!  Since we're so late in the year, just have fun with it and find the strategy that works best for you for next year.  Good luck man!     
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    @SandlotGuru stole my words 👍 390 bats, Dykstra, and tourney guys! I personally would go as far as to save all my cash for tournaments without leveling anyone just so I can get as many boxes as possible
    Just me in my world of enemies.
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    @SandlotGuru stole my words 👍 390 bats, Dykstra, and tourney guys! I personally would go as far as to save all my cash for tournaments without leveling anyone just so I can get as many boxes as possible
    Especially helpful (Pumping your cash into tourneys) if they add the players back into the tourney boxes.  That’s an easier way to get some diamond players and save xp/cash while also helping you work toward cycling the level for more resources.
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    To the point: what do you guys think would be the most efficient way for me to play going forward? 
    I think that's tough for me to answer without knowing what your goals are for the rest of the year.   I agree with cycling classic woh for cash.   But yeah just keep cycling D6 when you can and use the gold to attack XP boxes.   Agree with focusing on Lenny as well, he probably the only one I'd level further.  The rest can be fillers until maybe you find some weekend box players to fill holes since they are discounted.
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    Thanks for all the input, guys.  So I am hearing the consensus to be: stock up on tourney boxes, and hope for player pulls during Royale.  Save xp for big upgrades, and level no current players (except maybe Lenny).  Should I even bother to use any xp on the 2 SP still uncapped?  
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    I went diamond to and found it to be a lot funner.. still stuck with some platinum players but chasing after the constant 7500 gold makes the game fun again.. first time in 4 years of playing I went diamond was always scared to go past gold but started losing interest and that picked my interest level up a lot. 60k gold in 2 weeks on top of usual top 10 majors club has gone a long way to help my team 
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