Who to keep? I have these guys plus mantle.

judgesmails1judgesmails1 Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
I’ll bring Satchel as my pitcher. Tough call..


  • judgesmails1judgesmails1 Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
    And now this guy... 

  • ShoveItUpYoenis2ShoveItUpYoenis2 Registered Users, Member 952 Posts
    edited March 2020
    Ruth and Wagner
  • JdotChristopherJdotChristopher Registered Users, Member 392 Posts
    It’s pretty damn tough not to take a SS ATG...I have just about everyone and I’m thinking Ruth and Wagner too.  
  • STAYB8KEDDSTAYB8KEDD Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
    Ruth and Wagner
    Ruth over Cruz or Brett? 
  • RookieTapperRookieTapper Registered Users, Member 160 Posts
    I’m staring down Yogi, Ruth, and Wagner. At this point I’m about to flip a coin. 
  • RippersRippers Registered Users, Member 332 Posts
    I have all but Ruth. I'm taking Paige, Wagner, and Brett. It would be a tough call between Ruth and Brett but I enjoy WOH the most and would take Brett because his skills are always on vs RH pitchers. 
  • MattattackMattattack Registered Users 1,971 Posts
    Im throwing out Hornsby.   So Cruz, Brett, Babe or Wagner.

    Answer what modes are most important to you and does position matter.   From there the answer will get a little more clear.
    I would throw out Wagner as well but that is just my opinion
  • retirepujolsretirepujols Registered Users, Member 4,829 Posts
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    I would rather have hornsby than wagner 👀😊 not just to be different, either. For all of the left handed pitchers you will barely see, at least hornsby will have that ROB (it's not ****ing man on base, it's damn runner on base!) skill available for righties. "But double lhp will be good for woh!" Yeah, maybe. That's probably much better in theory than practice 🤷‍♂️ 

    Edit: I cant believe I forgot to include this! I would also take hornsby over Wagner simply because honus looks like flipping leatherface 
    "It's amazing how much work you can put in without gangly-ass legs in the way" - Sir Tdub71
  • WackGoneLocoWackGoneLoco Registered Users, Member 95 Posts
    Hey hey judge from here lol
  • ShoveItUpYoenis2ShoveItUpYoenis2 Registered Users, Member 952 Posts
    Ruth and Wagner
    Ruth over Cruz or Brett? 

    Keep in mind skills are extremely expensive to level up for keepers in 2020. Throw in my Yankees bias and I’m taking Yogi and Ruth with me and pitcher TBD. 
  • COWPILEYCOWPILEY Registered Users, Member 825 Posts
    Ruth, Mantle, Brett, Bench, Cruz, Posada. Too hard...maybe I’ll just keep playing 19. 
  • mastodonrocksmastodonrocks Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    The Yankee bias comment is valuable. I mean taking 2-3 Yankees over to 2020 plus all the early Yankee player releases and now you can focus throwing pennants at one team that will affect many players to help in season mode.  Not a bad strategy all else being equal. 
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