2020 Prime Event Rewards

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No, this isn’t a post whining about the absolutely terrible rewards available to us now. Nope, this post is about how I just noticed the points tiers are TEN TIMES what they have been the last several versions of the game.

Tier 6 used to be 150,000 points and the main reward was a whopping 100 gold. Now, it is 1,500,000 points and has the same stunningly poor reward of 100 gold.

In the other versions, to get 150,000 points in a Prime event, you’d need to spend about 700 gold while going on a 35 game winning streak. Even then the paltry 100 gold reward from Tier 6 was crap, but now?!?!? I don’t even want to know what it costs to get to 1.5 million points in a Prime event.

Glu better fix this quick and in a hurry. So far 2020 has been a total shitshow and a clusterfuck of bad rewards. Hell, the Special Edition Judge they have us is 4.5 stars and the base version is 5 stars. The SE version is on my bench, probably like everyone else.


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    I think Michael Bolton from Office Space is one of their programmers.  There always seems to be a decimal point in the wrong place...
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    I brought this to light early in Beta and still not changed. Along with 25mill club tier6 vs 2.5mill. When most of us could really get value in those small/medium rewards, they make them unattainable 
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    Yes, but look at those fancy new icons for draft picks! Maybe I should give up my promise to my family and play this game after all.  :|
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    In 2019 it was usually 2.5M for 200 gold. I would usually just get to that point and quit.

    2020 is going EXACTLY how I thought it would. So glad I never downloaded it.

    “Stop being a Debbie Downer, grow a sack and go Plat”, MoenPDC

  • Tdub71Tdub71 Registered Users, Member 1,480 Posts
    If I remember, didn't we have the same issue for a week or 2 at the beginning of '19?
  • cooldowncanadacubscooldowncanadacubs Registered Users, Member 643 Posts
    Tdub71 said:
    If I remember, didn't we have the same issue for a week or 2 at the beginning of '19?
    I believe you’re correct TDub. 
  • Tdub71Tdub71 Registered Users, Member 1,480 Posts
    Maybe it's just a beta thing... 🤞
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