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Hi everyone, didnt see this posted anywhere and i thought it would be upsetting more people. Now i kinda feel like its just me (or i missed it). Anyways...

Im in silver. In WoH level 3 rounds 1-7 all of the pitchers are at silver 1, ratings in the 70s. All pretty simple rounds. Then, this buttmunch appears on round 8.

He has been unhittable. Lindor, both Bellingers, my legend 3-4 times. Not a hit. Anyone else struggling on him or just me?


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    Just you

  • 0for56Davis0for56Davis Registered Users, Member 15 Posts
    Glu is rigged, whether you get a hit or not is predetermined. Woh isn't even worth playing at the moment. It's heavily rigged. Don't mind these glu trolls they're just scamming here as well
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    Same thing happened to me. Had Freeman on him, thinking he would smash a 38 rated pitcher, but couldn't get past him on three attempts, even with the video boost.
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