CVC/extra bases unplayable without videos

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So not only is it 1 video every 2 minutes, but you also only get 1 video per round. Other option and the restart guaranteed to not play and be greyed out. I know the people who pay Glu’s bills don’t care about this, but damn, give the other 99% a chance. The biggest problem is this is absolutely intentional because there are no problems with the videos in ‘19. Clearly the timer was added as a consequence for increasing the video limit. 


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    I believe you are spot on. If this stays like this I’ll have to quit playing. CVC is my favorite event and I absolutely need my restarts and videos to even try and compete with the money spenders.
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    I don't believe it is intentional at all. I was able to watch both videos for boosts and also the one for replay on a same Extra Bases entry this morning. I always hard close and re-open app before playing an entry, seems to help with video boosts loading correctly on my end
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    And you have to reset the advertising identifier before any CVC video you try to run to have the best chance at it working, even on your first entry when there are two videos to watch.

    So hard close, reset the advertising identifier, and re-open the app, watch the first video, reset the advertising identifier, watch the second video, autoplay or play manually, reset the advertising identifier again to watch that third video.

    When I do that, it usually works. 2019 was the same for me, by the way, but maybe not quite as bad.
    Another thing the hard close and re-open does is prevent the panning issue at the end of the round.
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